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In this fast moving technical world everything is possible around us. According to the government of all the country have a proper data about the citizen of the country with the all contact information such as address, name, age, blood group, photo, all help in maintaining the international security and proper knowledge about the person in a country that help to identify the person who involved in the illegal issue can be arrested and punished with the help of the information data in the government.

buy fakeTo protect their self from the polices many person having novelty id card that is illegal in many country with photo, that can be used as the photo proof of same person in different address and name is possible on doing illegal issue like this. This can be avoided on proper awareness given to the general public

Polices and public

Making the people aware of this kind of illegal issue and the problem due to that to the people may help the polices to catch the person who involved in this kind of activities and make a good environment without any illegal issue. Person involving in this kind of activities should be punish as per the criminal law of the country that make a better knowledge to other people to avoid doing this kind of novelty id it help enter in international broader of various country by changing name and photo of an person that is consider as criminal offences in all the country there are many social network recent promoting awareness against this kind of activities all over the world. That helps the government to make a good awareness of this kind of issue and making the next generation with the knowledge of legal and law that permit and not permitted from the school education level.

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