Reasons behind the name of NZT drug

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A NZT is the mood enhancer drug which comes from the name of a movie called Limitless. This movie is fully about the writer and its block that lives in a filthy apartment with a long hippie hair. When the writer starting his novel, he tells about his old friend, a drug dealer and describes him about the new magical drug. This new drug is named as NZT-48. Actually, there is no other drug available in the name of nzt from limitless, but it really comes from the movie. But, in that drug the presence of ingredients is similar to the some of the nootropic smart drugs. The NZT drug is also identical to these drugs, so it is also considered as the memory enhancer drug.

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One of the similar drugs to NZT-48 is called the modafinil, which is also a drug with the generic names of alertec, modalert and provigil. This modafinil drug is a mood enhancer medication which can be used for improving your memory, wakefulness, vigilance and the attention capacity. This drug works under the pharmacological profile, but it’s different from the methylphenidate, amphetamines or cocaine. Sometimes this kind of drug also causes adverse effects like anxiety, jitteriness and excess locomotor activity. These drugs are mostly prescribed to people to awake during the day. Mostly, the Navy and Air Force pilots are often used to take this drug to stay alert on long missions. However, the nzt from limitless is nearest to this kind of drug that makes you feel effective and spans up to 8 hours.

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