Protect Our Democracy PAC is a bipartisan political committee working to reform New York’s campaign finance system. We're building a majority for campaign finance reform in the New York State legislature by supporting candidates who are committed to reducing the influence of big money and special interests in state elections.

New York State has one of the worst campaign finance systems in the country, built for the big donor – not the average voter. Individuals can contribute $60,800 to a single candidate – more than 10 times the limit to presidential candidates and unlimited contributions are allowed to party's "housekeeping" funds. Disclosure requirements are inadequate, and donors can easily shield contributions through business entities.

Corporations are allowed to contribute directly to campaigns, a practice that the federal government and numerous states have outlawed.

Protect Our Democracy PAC supports comprehensive campaign finance reform in New York state that includes low-dollar matching funds, lower contribution limits, and greater transparency and enforcement.

We stand with the 79% of New York State voters who support fair elections. (Source: January 2013 Siena Poll)